hey there im audie :) 19 years of being a wild soul and a free spirit!
Live Life Adventurously.
Things i really dig:
owls. drugs. netflix. dream catchers. music. cats. nature. fall weather .my spirit animals. peace, love, good vibes. xoxo. making memories. adventures. late nights & early mornings. tattoos. my best friends.

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Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park (via nudelip)

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I want to be the last person who ever kisses you… That sounds bad, like a death threat or something. What I’m trying to say is, you’re it. This is it for me.


hey friend. one day ur gonna be happy. one day ur gonna be sitting w someone u love in ur favourite place in the world and ur gonna think “wow. life is p great” and everything will be okay. but u gotta make it til then okay? just hang in there. u’ll be okay.

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Eyes are distracting. You see too much. You don’t see enough.

stared at these for half an hour straight 

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friend: “i can only bring one friend. wanna go?” 



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things that make you feel powerful

  • matching lace underwear
  • heels (and the clicking noise they make when you walk and you know you lookin hot)
  • red lipstick
  • perfect coal black eyeliner
  • curled hair
  • freshly done nails
  • cute new clothes

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He looks so polite, like he just wants to stop by and see if you have anything for him.

"Pardon me, I believe it is time for the delicious snacks that you provide. I will wait until you are ready."

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